Firm Background 

Cerda Munoz Advisors, Inc. is an independent Registered Investment Advisory firm in Southern California. Our firm was founded on April 2013 when Gilbert Cerda and Aaron Munoz shared their vision and risked it all to offer a one stop solution for personal finances. We have 30+ years combined experience and a passion for helping you reach your financial goals.  

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help you make smart decision when facing difficult financial problems. We've come to learn that finding a trusted financial adviser can be cumbersome and challenging; that is why our number one priority is to earn your trust and confidence. How? By always doing what's in your best interest.

Independence Matters 

We pride ourselves on being independent fiduciaries. This means we put your best interest first and offer solutions that are free from conflicts of interest. We have no ties to Banks, Brokers, Dealers or big Wall St Firms. We are transparent in all aspects of our relationship.